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Iris Gillon IGMC

Iris Gillon IGMC - Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations TESTIMONIAL WEBSITE

Call Iris Gillon IGMC for a free meeting with IGMC. Iris Gillon, special events producer that will assist you in selecting a site that will fit your specific needs. He or she will assist you while looking at lofts, museums, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, private clubs, industrial spaces adn the the most elegent pretigious sites in New York City. No event is too small or too large! We will look forward to hearing from you! Please call us anytime at 212-765-8714.

Iris Gillon IGMC We will help you to save time and money on every aspect of your next event!

The top priority is having the right corporate events entertainment for your guests. Any mistake can severly embarrass you. Iris Gillon, the most sought music producer and event coordinater in New York City. You can preview tons of New York City's best musicians on Iris Gillon's website at Iris Gillon provides live clips from tons of live events as well. There are many other testimonials to read aside from the the one in this website, as an example of IGMC's expertise.

Iris Gillon IGMC Music selection! One of the top priorities of your event!

Iris Gillon is the most experienced event producer and manager in the entirety of New York City. Iris Gillon can get you the maximum value for your expenditure through her connections. Your company's holiday party can be produced using less cash and a bigger bang for your buck. Corporate meetings can become more interesting and entertaining. IGMC's money-saving advice and creative ideas and relationships are all tools that are totally free to you, as we are paid by over 500 vendors to promote them! We will handle your needs via phone, internet or personally in our office, or in yours! We are at your service, any way we can help just let us know!

Corporate event themes and entertainment:

Corporate entertainment of all kinds including celebrity look-a-likes, actors, dancers, bands, musicians, performers of all kinds, casino nights, virtual reality sports and games, carnivals, party themes, incredible decorations, lighting and more. IGMC is a leader in events entertainment.